Ten words everyday – a simple hack to learning German

One of the early hacks I used towards learning German, was to keep it simple and less time consuming. For me the harder the language seemed, the more time consuming it became and the more friction I felt towards embracing it.

So I simplified it.

I approached it like it was a causal hobby or a game where my only focus was to learn ten new words. Everyday.

No grammar, no construction, no syntax. Just 10 simple new words.


It helped me immensely to get over that initial reticence.

So, I have decided that I will do the same here, in the hope that it can help someone like it helped me. I will share ten new words. Everyday. Can I do it? Let’s find out!!

If you think this hack can help you, you can create the same for urself.

1. Schule – School

2. Telefon – Telephone

3. Stadt – City

4. Garten – Garden

5. Uhr – Clock

6. Kaffee – Coffee

7. Tür – Door

8. Fenster – Window

9. Flugzeug – Airplane

10. Schlüssel – Key

Practise using these in different contexts to improve your vocabulary.

I am not a teacher, educator or an expert in German. Learning German is a pass-time hobby for me. I have A2 level fluency. What I write here are things I have learnt on the go. It's unorthodox. It follows no syllabus and is tailored towards my own utility and use case over perfection.