10 simple German adverbs to get started

In any language adverbs modify verbs, provide contextual information, and define expressiveness. That makes them very important from a structural construct. So here a a very simple few German adverbs which I started with.

My objective was simple. Learn as many new words and their meaning as possible to start with.

  1. oft – often

  2. schnell – quickly

  3. gerne – gladly

  4. sehr – very

  5. schon – already

  6. vielleicht – maybe

  7. jetzt – now

  8. hier – here

  9. dort – there

  10. heute – today

These are easy to understand, pronounce and remember.

Viel Erfolg! (Good luck!)

I am not a teacher, educator or an expert in German. Learning German is a pass-time hobby for me. I have A2 level fluency. What I write here are things I have learnt on the go. It's unorthodox. It follows no syllabus and is tailored towards my own utility and use case over perfection.