50 words you might need to go watch a movie

Here are 50 unique German words related to going to watch a movie at the cinema theatre, along with their English meanings and example sentences:

Kino – Cinema

Film – Movie

Vorstellung – Screening

Tickets – Tickets

Sitzplatz – Seat

Popcorn – Popcorn

Nachos – Nachos

Getränke – Drinks

3D-Brille – 3D glasses

Filmposter – Movie poster

Handlung – Plot

Schauspieler – Actor

Regisseur – Director

Genre – Genre

Soundtrack – Soundtrack

Drehbuch – Script

Hauptrolle – Lead role

Nebenrolle – Supporting role

Kamera – Camera

Premiere – Premiere

Kinosaal – Theater

Projektor – Projector

Untertitel – Subtitles

Originalversion – Original version

Handlungsort – Setting

Spannend – Exciting

Lustig – Funny

Traurig – Sad

Romantisch – Romantic

Actionreich – Action-packed

Gruselig – Scary

Fesselnd – Gripping

Beeindruckend – Impressive

Empfehlung – Recommendation

Filmpremiere – Film premiere

Kinokarte – Cinema ticket

Bildschirm – Screen

Vorverkauf – Pre-sale

Handlungswendung – Plot twist

Kinosaal – Movie theater

Filmkritik – Movie review

Filmfestival – Film festival

Filmdauer – Film duration

Filmstar – Movie star

Filmstudio – Film studio

Filmrezension – Movie review

Filmmusik – Film music

Filmpreis – Film award

Filmfigur – Movie character

50. Filmzitat – Movie quote

I hope these words and example sentences will be helpful to you when talking about movies and going to the cinema theatre in German!

I am not a teacher, educator or an expert in German. Learning German is a pass-time hobby for me. I have A2 level fluency. What I write here are things I have learnt on the go. It's unorthodox. It follows no syllabus and is tailored towards my own utility and use case over perfection.