Colours in German – with example sentences

My idea, was always to start with survival German and earn the most basic but required use cases first. Having an understanding of colours helps in describing stuff in everyday conversations. So here are some that I learnt to get started.

Rot – Red

Blau – Blue

Grün – Green

Gelb – Yellow

Orange – Orange

Lila – Purple

Rosa – Pink

Braun – Brown

Schwarz – Black

Weiß – White

Grau – Gray

Beige – Beige

Silber – Silver

Gold – Gold

Hellblau – Light blue

Dunkelgrün – Dark green

Hellgelb – Light yellow

Türkis – Turquoise

Bordeauxrot – Burgundy red

Olivgrün – Olive green

Magenta – Magenta

Zitronengelb – Lemon yellow

Himmelblau – Sky blue

Kastanienbraun – Chestnut brown

Azurblau – Azure blue

Himbeerrot – Raspberry red

Smaragdgrün – Emerald green

Sonnengelb – Sun yellow

Fliederfarben – Lilac-colored

Pflaumenblau – Plum blue

Bernsteinfarben – Amber-colored

Schneeweiß – Snow white

Eierschalenfarben – Eggshell-coloured

Mandarinenorange – Tangerine orange

Pistaziengrün – Pistachio green

Rosenrot – Rose red

Moosgrün – Moss green

Perlblau – Pearl blue

Schokoladenbraun – Chocolate brown

Veilchenblau – Violet blue

I am not a teacher, educator or an expert in German. Learning German is a pass-time hobby for me. I have A2 level fluency. What I write here are things I have learnt on the go. It's unorthodox. It follows no syllabus and is tailored towards my own utility and use case over perfection.