Learning in the open: Why German of all things?

Honestly. Not a clue. In fact I never even had a secret longing towards learning German. But then I had a chance to visit Germany a few times on account of my work. Nothing special. Business meetings in cities like Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich and then 20 hour flights back home.

Each trip came with one or two extra days to explore the country. Deutsche-Bahn trips, ferry rides on the Rhine and drives down the autobahn. Didn’t really quite go crazy exploring, but touched base with some of the more popular cities like Leipzig, Nuremberg, Bonn, Heidelberg, Hamburg, Wuppertal, Dortmund and so on .

The weather was mostly dark, grey, cold and dreary especially for someone used to the Sydney sunshine, but little by little I started liking many small and quirky things about the country.

And that’s when I thought about learning the language. A slew of language apps got downloaded. To be entirely honest I found it extremely hard to begin with and gave up many times. But the ick stayed. And then I found a non stressful simple rhythm.

I decided to put 10-15 minutes every day, learning extremely small bits. It took the frustration away. So then I decided to do it in the open and ocument my tribulations.

This is the documentation of that learning in real time. I have no such burning drive to become flawless or rush to give some test. I just want to learn something new:)

I hope you enjoy it and subscribe, if you too are a novice like me in learning German :)

I am not a teacher, educator or an expert in German. Learning German is a pass-time hobby for me. I have A2 level fluency. What I write here are things I have learnt on the go. It's unorthodox. It follows no syllabus and is tailored towards my own utility and use case over perfection.